Montana Backcountry Outfitters
Roby Bowe
405 Backcountry Lane
Libby, Montana 59923
Montana Outfitters License #15581

Luke Holzheimer
40 Goon Hill Road
Sand Coulee, Montana 59472
Montana Backcountry Outfitters
Meet Your Guides That Make It All Happen!

Montana Backcountry Outfitters LogoMontana Backcountry Outfitters is a well-established outfitting business based in Libby, a small community nestled in the scenic mountains of beautiful northwest Montana. Even though Libby is centered about ninety miles away from the nearest city, it does not exactly qualify as an "off the beaten path" location as it is renowned for being the ideal gateway to the vast wilderness and outdoor recreation that Montana is noted for.
As a young man, your guide Roby Bowe, grew to love and appreciate what the Montana wilderness has to offer - an extreme sense of renewal, relaxation, and solitude. His desire to bring awareness to those who would otherwise be strangers to this great masterpiece of nature inspired him to form the Montana Backcountry Outfitters. To be able to be in the unique position to encourage American sportsmen to recognize the value and benefit of this magnificent state and to actively continue the traditions of sportsmanship, outfitting became a way of life for him.

Montana Backcountry Outfitters′ Owner and Your Guide – Roby Bowe

Roby Bowe, a Libby native, has been hiking, hunting and enjoying the great outdoors since childhood earning the well suited title of being an avid outdoorsman. Upon high school graduation, Roby departed from his adventurous youth of exploring the wilderness to begin his higher education in pursuit of a career in law enforcement.

For over three decades now, Roby has maintained an exceptional career with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office and the David Thompson Search and Rescue, achieving many accomplishments and individual successes.

Roby, applying his extensive experience as a guide in the backcountry coupled with his strong background in wilderness rescue and his first-class horsemanship and packing skills, will certainly deliver safe, successful Montana hunting vacations unique to each and every one of his clients.

Montana Backcountry Outfitters′ Your Guide – Luke Holzheimer

Luke Holzheimer, an expert packer, experienced horseman, and knowledgeable guide, has joined Roby to complete the Montana Backcountry Outfitters crew. Residing in a small town of less than 300 people, western hospitality is a way of life for him and he is committed to bringing you the best of Montana and delivering the hunt of your dreams.

A saddle-hardened rancher in Sand Coulee, Luke began hunting as a young boy – as with many natives of Montana. It was this experience that inclined him to share his knowledge of the Montana outdoors and dedicate his life to guiding hunters since 2004.

Luke’s location in north central Montana brings hunters the opportunity to begin their adventures at the foot of the Rocky Mountains near Great Falls. This playground for the outdoor enthusiast is not only recognized as a gateway to one of the most sought after areas of the U.S. for big game hunting but a sportsmen’s paradise just as well.

Luke’s eagerness to put his acquired practical hunting and guiding experience to use and live up to an age–old Montana tradition of hunting is evident the moment you step foot in Montana’s rugged backcountry wilderness!

We Take Campfire Cooking to a Whole Other Level

While ditching the microwave and the George Foreman Grill® is part of the outdoor experience, freeze–dried pouches of powder and instant meals–on–the–go are no match for Roby’s culinary skills in the camp kitchen! Along with the inviting aroma of fresh cowboy coffee brewing over the open fire, Roby will emerge with a feast serving up some down–home delicious, all–you–can–eat meals with all the trimmings complimented by an occasional homemade dessert. From the heartiest of breakfasts to the main meals of the day, each consisting of the choicest cuts of beef, the freshest vegetables, the most scrumptious fish, and home-made style stews and casseroles – you might be lucky enough to go home without packing on a few extra pounds yourself.