Montana Backcountry Outfitters
Outfitter/Client Agreement and Hunt Reservation Form
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Outfitter/Client Agreement

A 30% deposit is required as of notification to secure your reserved hunting dates. Please remit payment in the form of check or money order payable to Montana Backcountry Outfitters, LLC and mail it to 405 Backcountry Lane, Libby, MT 59923. If choosing credit card as preferred method of payment, please contact us directly for payment arrangements.

Obligations of the Montana Backcountry Outfitters:
  • Provide adequate food and shelter based upon the limitations and conditions.
  • Provide a licensed professional hunting guide.
  • Use diligence and safety in all matters for you, the client, with the understanding that many things can effect hunting (weather, your preparedness, your physical condition, etc.) and we do not guarantee success.
  • Provide proper care of trophies in the field and while in the hunting camp.
Obligations of the client:
  • Provide own personal clothing, equipment and weapon.
  • Provide transportation to and from Kalispell, Montana or other agreed upon location.
  • Pay costs of meat processing and taxidermy, including shipping of hides and antlers.
  • Pay for food, lodging and transportation costs for the dates not covered by this agreement.
  • Obey all laws and conduct himself/herself in a reasonable, prudent and safe manner under the circumstances.
Knowing voluntary assumption of risk. Client hereby and acknowledges that he or she has had ample opportunity to investigate and study the inherent dangers and risk associated with engaging in the activities and services set forth above and that Montana Backcountry Outfitters will not be held liable for the injury or illness pertaining to adverse weather (snow, sleet, ice, wind, etc.), rugged terrain, use of saddle and pack horses, and dangers posed by wild animals. Client expressly agrees and acknowledges that he or she accepts and consents to these risks as part of this agreement. Client also agrees and acknowledges that he or she is in the appropriate physical condition and possesses the sufficient outdoor and hunting or fishing skills to reasonably undertake the services set forth herein and to fully participate in and enjoy the same despite the inherent risks and hardships.