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Travel to Montana Arrow  Your adventure with us starts here. If you have chosen the Bob Marshall Wilderness complex as your hunting destination, you may want to arrive in Kalispell one day prior to your expedition, resting at one of the many premier lodging facilities available throughout the area. Please refer to our Travel Resources page for information about these facilities and familiarize yourself with your options. Many of these lodging providers offer complimentary airport shuttle service, business centers, and many amenities that will fit your needs.

After meeting you at our scheduled location, we will travel to one of two trailheads to begin our journey into the backcountry. If it is an early season hunt, we will set up camp at the Beavercreek trailhead for the night and proceed alongside the Spotted Bear River to Lone Butte Camp the following morning. About 4:30am, our morning will begin with a hearty breakfast. Once the tents and gear are gathered and your guides have saddled up and packed the stock, the pack train will depart from the trailhead as it begins its spectacular ten hour ride venturing thirty miles into the heart of the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

If the hunt is occurring later in the season, meaning mid to late October, heavy snowfall in the higher elevations will have forced animals to migrate down from the backcountry. Therefore, our destination will be geared toward winter range hunting ground in the lower elevations. That being said, we will set up camp for the night at the Meadow Creek trailhead, and the following morning, proceed alongside the South Fork of the Flathead River traveling 15 miles to Independence Camp.

From the very beginning, you will be welcomed by some of the most breathtaking scenery in Montana. Glimpses of mountain lions, mountain goats, and even an occasional grizzly bear sighting will impress you. More commonly spotted along this awe–inspiring journey is a host of wildlife inhabitants including moose, whitetail deer, mule deer and the majestic elk during mating season.

A notable advantage to hunting in the "Bob" during the early season is that Montana offers early season rifle hunting mid to late September. This is the prime rut period for elk, the most active time for an elk herd. The chances of a successful hunt during the rut improves significantly due to the combination of elk herds being very active constantly roaming the countryside, being very vocal bugling to express dominance, and becoming increasingly less alert. First–time hunters and veteran hunters agree that pursuing bull elk during this time creates one of the most exciting and unpredictable hunting experiences.

Once your Montana hunting adventure comes to an end, we will head out for a one–day ride and return to civilization accompanying you to your lodging for the night in Kalispell.

Travel to Montana Arrow  Your adventure with us starts here. Depending on which guide service you choose, your adventures may begin in Great Falls, situated along Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front Range. If you plan to arrive in the area before your hunting trip departure date, you will not have any trouble finding the perfect travel accommodations. Please refer to our Travel Resources page for information about these facilities and familiarize yourself with your options.

Montana Backcountry Outfitters Rates

Our pricing structure is very simple and straight forward. All of our hunts are fully outfitted and include all guiding, meals, and sleeping accommodations. Travel expenses, lodging expenses and licensing fees are not included and discounts are available for a fully booked camp. Please feel free to contact us if you should have any further questions.
  • Early season trips (mid-September through mid-October): 9 days/8 nights – one day ride in, 7 full hunting days, one day ride out.
    • $4,800 per person for 2 on 1
    • $5,500 per person for 1 on 1
  • Late season trips (begin the last week in October): 7 days/6 nights – one day ride in, 5 full hunting days, one day ride out.
    • $4,000 per person

Terms and Conditions

  • A 30% deposit is required as of notification to secure your reserved hunting dates.
  • The balance of total fees due must be paid in full no later than 60 days prior to your scheduled hunt date.
  • If a reservation is made within 60 days of hunting date, a full payment is required at that time.
  • Acceptable forms of payment are cashier’s check, money order, personal check, or credit card. (Note: If choosing credit card as preferred method of payment, please contact us directly for payment arrangements.)

Cancellation Policy

  • If your entire hunting trip is cancelled 60 days prior to your scheduled hunt date, your deposit will be refunded, less $100 cancellation/processing fee.
  • If your entire hunting trip is cancelled within 60 days of your scheduled hunt date, the deposit is non–refundable.

Additional Services Available

A five day pack trip exploring scenic wilderness areas of the backcountry is available first week of September. Contact us for pricing options.

Tips and Pointers from Your Guides

  • Be prepared for the unexpected.
  • A true sense of adventure and a spirited, fun attitude are an absolute must!
  • And remember, being physically and mentally prepared will increase your odds of success dramatically.