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Roby Bowe
License #15581
405 Backcountry Lane
Libby, Montana 59923
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Our Gallery of Photos
We hope you enjoy these select images that best represent our experiences to give you a true feeling of what the wild and rugged mountainous territories of Northwest Montana is all about.
Fascinating photos of our handsome gear-hauling group faithfully leading the way into the wild mountains of Montana.
Photos of our clients enjoying a successful hunt and earning some bragging rights to take back home.
These hunters were in pursuit of an entirely different animal with one goal in mind – the trophy hunting adventure of a lifetime! Even though they are very secretive in nature, the mountain goat, mountain lion, and black bear were no match for these proud hunters. These impressive scenes highlight the specialty big game animals harvested by the most persistent of hunters.
Captured on film are the avid fishermen and fisherwomen either trying their hand at some of the best freshwater fishing found in remote mountain lakes of the famed Bob Marshall Wilderness or proudly showing off their big catch of the day.
Our base camp and pack trip photos offer a glimpse of what you will experience in the wild backcountry of Montana's vast wilderness.
Catch a glimpse of the personalized discoveries our clients experience as their adventures reward them with hardships, challenges, solitude, and reflection. Also included in this gallery of stunning photos, are the deer and elk racks that our clients will display as souvenirs of extraordinary achievements and experiences.
Nourish yourself with sweeping views of Montana’s diverse countryside with this collection of images portraying our clients as they spend quality time replenishing, rejuvenating, and escaping from civilization.
Wildlife images that capture the finest and rarest of moments that only nature can reveal.
A world apart. These amazing photos of Montana depict its unwavering balance of wild, unscathed nature with the innocent spirit of its inhabitants.
Indulge yourself with a series of photos unveiling the mysterious appearances of the mountain lion - “the Ghost of the Rockies”.